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Our passion and expertise for New Jersey is unrivaled in the industry

The relationships we have built with New Jersey’s most unique attractions result in exclusive perks, access, and a passion to deliver our clients with an experience.

We have been hired for 1020 weddings. The best weddings we have ever been a part of involved movie theatre popcorn, a rock ‘n roll stage, 1930s antique, and creating an American Idol contest after the wedding singing Michael Jackson’s Man In the Mirror.

For our corporate conferences, success starts with finding a great location, creating an exciting theme, designing the coolest team building xperiences, incorporating the element of surprise, planning the activity, and inspiring your team to reach higher.

We have completed over 75 tours, which is The Epic Xperience. By themselves, the single best attractions, restaurants, historical sites, and landmarks in New Jersey are pretty good. But together in 1 Xperience, we introduce you to EPIC.

The future of entertainment, events, and engagement

It’s an experience-based customization.

When Hollywood Golf Club called and asked for information on a transportation contract for the United States Golf Association Women’s Professional Tournament, they were surprised to hear words like flexibility, themes, and concierge – words that were not focused on sales or selling. My goal was always laser focused on the golfers and the Xperience! What started off as providing transportation for over 450 golfers, staff, and the public transformed into planning and creating solutions on strategic issues. Hollywood Golf Club had expressed concerns with unexpected weather, public and media interest, staffing, and other factors that they had no control over. The communication and trust that formed our relationship eventually saved Hollywood Golf Club over $4,000 and about 22 hours in managing the event!

Imagine this…

Your company’s employees depart on our luxury Jersey-themed shuttles from the airport, surprised to find on their seats a copy of the Jersey Shore Rock N’ Roll tour book with Bruce Springsteen on the cover. Once arriving at the Ocean Place Resort, you see your company’s logo in 3D on the floor when entering the lobby. After entering their rooms they see personalized cards which say “Greetings from Long Branch” on their beds. It’s 6:00pm and your team expects dinner at the hotel, only to find our vintage trolley waiting in front of the lobby to escort everyone on our signature Jersey Shore Tour Xperience.

There is now a buzz of excitement among your employees as they wonder in anticipation. Bruce Springsteen’s live concert is playing in the background as the tour experience over the next four hours combines dining, a pinball theme, and a customized movie-like event that is so secret that we can’t share it to the public!

This is all possible with our event planning services!

Our Custom Tours

We created an Epic Xperience for Provident Bank’s company event.

Provident Bank and Cathy was looking for a fun and unique way to plan a company event as a “Thank You” for their hard work. So EpicXperiences designed a customized tour infused with unexpected surprises and experiences. From the spectacular views of New York, to New Jersey’s intimate island estates, exotic marinas, and million dollar mansions, creating smiles came easy. Next stop was to witness the first site where the “Pledge of Allegiance” was declared in 1893. Six years later in 1899 see where the first wireless telegraph was tested and invented by Guglielmo Marconi. Our luxury tour bus then shifted from history to rock n roll, showing the Provident Bank employees the famous Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run House” that he rented in 1975 for $300.00 a month.

Tasting & Dining Experience

We find restaurant owners who are passionate and unique that provide a menu that is different, never franchised, or not easily experienced outside of New Jersey. So why settle for just one dish or a typical menu when you can taste the top three or four on our tasting tour experience.

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